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Directions to the club
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Q. Where does the Society meet?
A. We meet in the Trust School, next to Yardley Parish Church, Church Road, Yardley, Birmingham B33 8PB.
Q. How do I find my way there?
A. You will find our location on page 76 reference 4C of the Birmingham A-Z. For directions Click Here
Q. When does it meet?
A. Every Tuesday evening 7:45-10:00PM (September-May)
Q. How do I know that the Society is for me?
A. Come along as a visitor and see for yourself.
Q. Will it cost anything to visit?
A. Your first visit will cost nothing, thereafter a visitor charge of £1.50 applies until you become a full member.
Q. What does it cost to join?
A. A year's subscription is £30 plus £1 per evening.
Q. If I decide to join can I bring a visitor at anytime?
A. Yes, at a cost of £1.50 per visit. However, there is a concession for couples who wish to become full members, with the condition that only one individual can enter competitions.
Q. What will I gain from being a member?
A. As well as being part of a friendly community, and in addition to the inspiration provided by speakers who visit the club, there are plenty of members who, if needed, can give advice, help and encouragement on all aspects of photography.
Q. So, what do you do every Tuesday?
A. When we haven't got visiting speakers providing an interesting evening we have plenty of internal and external competitions. However, we not only meet on Tuesday evenings, there are also occasional portraiture sessions as well as other social events throughout the year.
Q. Can I enter any of these competitions?
A. Yes, as soon as you become a member of the Society.
Q. Do I need to contact anyone if I wish to visit or join?
A. No, you are welcome to come along to any of our meetings but if you would rather contact us, e-mail us at enquiries@yardleyps.co.uk
Q. When can I join?
A. As soon as you'd like to!





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